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You do know the importance of veggies and fruits early on while his brain is developing, right?

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If he doesn’t start eating a diverse diet problems will arise. Don’t bring food to enable a picky eater.

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And as a kid, of course I don't wanna miss out on something that might taste good. Of course, sometimes I said no but my family respects that no means no when it's something like food. So I sampled food from relatives when they offered it at times. Your wife should go about this better.

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I'm a picky eater, and I'm sure my parents hated having to adapt/cook two meals for me. But they adapted because they knew that trying to force me to eat something wasn't going to work because I would just refuse to eat. They let me try stuff at my own pace and it showed me that I could trust them not to force me to do something I really did not want to do.

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I assume he has some kind of food aversion or something, because I don't think food tastes the same to him as the rest of us. (if anyone knows anything about this I'd appreciate info) So generally what I do is make him things he likes, then encourage him try a bite of x/y/z. If he doesn't like it, fine, as long as he's tried it. Over the years he's gradually widened his palate.